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Hiduppp aku

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Sebenarnya hari ini Aina ajak Alyaa hang out tetapi disebabkan mama alyaa kerja so I can't. Sorry morry Aina :< /kalau kau baca blog ni lah./

Now I'm ready to the max to let my close friends read my blog. Because entahlah. Maybe dorang boleh beri pendapat tentang belogg aku ni. Dulu blog aku agakkkk _____ jadi aku taknak bagitau my friends tentang blog ni. Now I'm ready. Awas kalau dorang sebut pasal blog ni kat pesbuk ke apaa kee . . Aku keratttt leher kau -____- //jokes

Nowadays, I like to listen to Mindy Gledhill's songs. Her songs is cute to the max >_< The song in my blog is hers - All About Your Heart <3 Nice rite ? :3

Btw, my mom said that we'll go to her village this Tuesday. It's a big happiness for me because I'll leave this house HAHA xD I'm bored here. Online-ing everyday >< It's bored ! /bewoken inggelish/
So that's all. Tata !

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